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Wibble Restoration Glass

Are you hankering after the authentic look of the imperfect glass panes that were an original part of your property?

Our Wibble Restoration Glass cat 2 and 3 revives the charm of traditional period windows with the brilliant advantage that it can be toughened, laminated, made into double glazed units and also bent whilst retaining the waviness and irregularities in the glass that make it so attractive.

The imperfections in Wibble restoration glass beautifully refract light, making it ideal for using where a realistic match is a must. It is perfect for Historic window glass restoration, the recreation of listed buildings, seamless glass repairs and antique furniture restoration.

Our Wibble Restoration Glass cat 2 is softly subtle, whereas the more defined Wibble Restoration Glass cat 3 has a slightly higher level of distortion. We can also bespoke manufacture Wibble Restoration Glass with additional distortion, or an obvious wobble to match close to the degree of wibble wobble you need.

Wibble Restoration Glass is made in Herefordshire, UK. 2mm, 3mm are available in float, 4mm and 6mm are available in float or toughened, we can also laminate Wibble Restoration Glass.

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